Craft Home Business: Temporary Tattoos

Whether you already have a craft business and are looking to add another item or are new to the idea, temporary tattoos are a popular niche market.

Temporary tattoos are one of the most requested items for promotional giveaways, parties, events or costumes. You also will get the occasional curious person that wants to see how a specific tattoo would look like on their skin without the commitment of a real one etched onto them permanently.

Getting Started

So, what do you need to get started?

  1. Tattoo Designs – You will need a design to turn into a temporary tattoo. In some cases, your client will provide the image. But, what if they don’t have one or you want to produce your own designs to promote and sell?

    If you’re an artist and are familiar with a photo editing program like Photoshop then you’re already well aware of this aspect and should probably skip ahead to step 2.

    If you’re not experienced creating designs you have 2 options.

    First, learn to design your own artwork to print or second, outsource it. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials that show you exactly how to get an art idea from your mind to paper then onto Photoshop or your photo editing program of choice.

    Now, if you’re like me who doesn’t have the best artistic talent to create original artwork then you’ll be outsourcing. When it comes to outsourcing you have two options as well. First, find free to use clip art that’s already made via Google Image search. Second, use a service like Fiverr where a designer will make the custom original artwork for you at a relatively low price.

    Personally, I recommend Fiverr as a freelance designer will create your original artwork to your liking plus any revisions you may have and you will avoid any possible copyright problems that sometimes arise from taking clip art images from Google. Plus now you have this design to use anytime as you wish!

    If you sign up using our Fiverr link you will get 20% off your first order!

  2. Equipment – Now that you have your design you will need equipment to start producing your temporary tattoos.

    So, what do you need exactly? In short, a quality color printer and temporary tattoo paper.

    Do you have a printer already? Is it inkjet or laser? The reason I ask is it depends on the type of temporary tattoos you will be printing.

    If you’re strictly printing black outlined artwork then a laser printer will do the job okay.

    Now, if you want to do some colorful designs then an inkjet printer is the preferred option as they print full color images at a better resolution and quality.

    You want to make sure your quality is the best and that you don’t limit yourself as to what you can print. That way you have a broader range of possibilities to offer your customers to keep them satisfied and either refer you to their friends or they themselves come back for more.

    If you bought a printer recently, odds are it’s capable of handling this type of job. If it’s an older printer or you do not have one then consider investing in one. You will need one to print these media projects as well as your invoices, packing slips e.t.c.

    There are 3 printers I recommend depending on your budget:

    HP OfficeJet 5255 Wireless All-in-One Printer – $139.89

    HP Envy Photo 7155 All in One Photo Printer – $89.89

    HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer – $59.99

    The reason I recommend these is simple. These HP printers all print great quality color photo images to do the job but also offer the Instant Ink service which is the best color ink refill deal ever!

    For a low monthly fee, $2.99-$19.99 depending on how much you print, HP will send you free ink refills when your ink is low. I’m sure you guys know how expensive ink can be so this is a steal.

    Now onto the temporary tattoo paper!

    I have narrowed down a list of temporary tattoo paper options and sorted it by the cheapest price per sheet. While most of these you can get from Amazon relatively quick the first link is to a Chinese seller, AliExpress, who sells in bulk from China. It is a huge bargain price but it will be a couple weeks before you receive the sheets.

    For bonus savings from a bulk China order on AliExpress, use code IN65CQYS, when creating your new account to get a $19 coupon to use towards your purchase.

    A4 Temporary Tattoo adhesive film – 100 Sheets @ $117.66 ($1.18/ea.)
    DIY A4 Temporary Tattoo Transfer – 10 Sheets @ $22.99 ($2.30/ea.)
    RoryTory Temporary Tattoo Paper – 4 Sheets @ $12.00 ($3.00/ea.)
    Epoch Temporary Tattoo Paper – 5 Sheets @ $18.99 ($3.80/ea.)
    Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper – 4 Sheets @ $15.99 ($4.00/ea.)
    SANGI Temporary Tattoo Paper – 4 Sheets @ $15.99 ($4.00/ea.)

  3. Printing – The next step is simply to print.

    Arrange your graphic in your photo editor and print it on your temporary tattoo paper. To get the most value for your tattoo paper make sure to duplicate the image so it prints several times throughout the sheet.

    If you have multiple tattoo designs instead you can add them all together and print them in one sheet, assuming they fit the sizing. You paid good money for the paper, make sure you use it all!

    Also, any left over scraps can still be used for hand-drawn ink designs as well.

    Follow the instructions that came with your temporary tattoo paper. Some of them require you to mirror the image depending on which you purchase. When you print make sure you print in Good/Best color quality.

  4. Sell – You are pretty much done, now, get started selling!

    Where can you sell these? That is the big question. And there are a couple of places to start.

    If you’re a door to door type of person, you can include these as an additional promotional item in your branding package to reach out to businesses, local sports teams, local events. Post your services in local marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp & LetGo.

    If you have your own website, you can sell your own designs or customization option services. If you don’t, or actually, even if you do I recommend choosing a marketplace to list your products and services to expand your reach. List your designs on both eBay and Etsy. One thing I’ll say about Etsy is that it has easy access to the marketplace customers. You’ll get faster sales and exposure via Etsy than eBay. In addition, sign up with Etsy using our link and get 40 free listings on us!

Start Up Investments

Your start up investment largely depends on if you have a printer or what type of printer you want to purchase. Since most people don’t just have temporary tattoo paper laying around I will make the investment cost list including a start-up purchase of temporary tattoo paper for 10 Sheets @ $22.99.

  • You own a printer, investment cost: $22.99
  • With HP Envy 5055 printer, investment cost: $82.98
  • With HP Envy 7155 printer, investment cost: $112.88
  • HP OfficeJet 5255 printer, investment cost: $162.88

As you can see the start-up costs are relatively low for starting a business in this niche. With a low investment cost of $22.99 if you already have a printer and $162.88 if you opt-in to the 3rd tier printer.

Keep in mind these prices will vary as I did not include taxes or the optional enrollment in the HP Instant Ink program. Which I only recommend enrolling to once you have an idea of how much you’re printing. Most people would be okay with the $2.99/month service to start.

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